15 Straight Ahead w/ Kristine Lee: A Story Artist with an Electrical Engineering Degree


Mellow out with Kristine Lee on today’s episode of Straight Ahead. An enlightening journey, Kristine had to get creative finding classes that would fit the budget of a freshly graduated Electrical Engineer. Learn about the spark that led to her switch to the field of Animation, and about her rocketing success at Warner Brothers Animation.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/picture_kris

Portfolio: https://www.leekristine.com/

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14 Straight Ahead w/ Brandon Jaisen Louie: 2D FX Animator


Phoning in from Sydney, Australia, it’s Brandon Jaisen Louie! Learn about his job as a 2D FX artist at Flying Bark Productions, what inspired him to become an effects animator, and maybe even inspire you! The industry will always be nomadic, but Brandon’s wanderlust took that literally, and he’s moved half a world away. Lots of good topics just jam packed into our little episode.

Portfolio: https://brandonjaisen.wixsite.com/jaisen

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13 Straight Ahead w/ Giselle Grimaldo: From Live Action to Animation Production


Animation isn’t always about art, there’s entire teams that keep the production moving! Giselle Grimaldo is a Department Manager at Tonko House. We chat about her experience working in live-action films, what inspired her to pursue animation production, and how her unique perspective as a Person of Color gives her the drive for diversity. P.S. Remember to thank your production team!

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12 Straight Ahead w/ Flora Rees-Arredondo: Junior Art Director at FS Studio


Today’s episode features Flora Rees-Arredondo, a bi-racial Latinx artist working as a Junior Art Director! The position may entail being less hands-on the art, and more hands-on communication. We talk about the many rewards and excitement that comes with leadership, a role Flora is all too familiar with from directing her capstone short film Malinchista, to being president of the Shrunken Headman Club, to now junior directing at FS studios. Check it out today!

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/florareesa

Malinchista: https://www.instagram.com/malinchistafilm/

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11 Straight Ahead w/ Maya Mendonça: Student Academy Award-winning Animation Director


This week we are joined by the incredible Maya Mendonça, a black artist and freelance 3D animator. Previously she was the animation director for the Student Academy Award-winning short, “Hamsa”. We talk about very important things such as her internship on Infinity Train at Cartoon Network, her time at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and her horoscopic compatibility with Miles Morales.

Portfolio: https://mayamendonca.com/animation

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10 Straight Ahead w/ Justin Bruce Lee: From Padawan to Jedi at Lucasfilm Animation


This week we sit down with Justin Bruce Lee , a chinese-american artist working as an Associate Story Artist at Lucasfilm Animation. We talk about his experience on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and the pre-vis style of boarding they used at Lucasfilm. This along with his passion for Kung Fu, his decision to come back to school instead of taking a job offer, and his love of all types of love. Give it a listen today!

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09 Straight Ahead w/ Maddie Julyk: Worker-Owner at Wild Blue Studios


On this episode of Straight Ahead, we’re joined by the wonderful Maddie Julyk, an illustrator, concept artist, and worker-owner at Wild Blue Studios. We talk about the unique structure of the Wild Blue co-op, and Maddie’s journey to getting such an opportunity. Come for the tidbits of concept art advice, but stay for the mind-expanding ideas.

Wild Blue Studios portfolio review application: https://airtable.com/shrwV7BoM7jaB3Wxt

Twitter: https://twitter.com/milkybeverage

Wild Blue Studios streaming: https://www.twitch.tv/wildbluestudios

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08 Straight Ahead w/ Marvin Madrid: Living Fast and Furious as a Storyboard Revisionist at DreamWorks


Marvin Madrid is our guest on Straight Ahead this week! He is a filipino artist that also attended San José State University. We talk about many things, including his experiences popping between action and comedy storyboards in DreamWorks TV’s unique environment. We hope you enjoy hanging out with Marvin as much as we did!

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07 Straight Ahead w/ Latonya White: 2D Artist at an indie game company


This week we’re joined by Latonya White, a 2D artist at Serenity Forge in Boulder, Colorado. Learn about their job at a small indie game company, their stories about running away, and about their experience being a black-korean artist. It’s incredibly insightful. Give it a listen and let us know what you think! 🙂

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lattedoodles/

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06 Straight Ahead w/ Gloria Carolina Felix Orozco: Life as a Freelance Illustrator and Visual Development Artist


In today’s episode we interview Gloria Carolina Felix Orozco, a Mexican artist from currently based in Guadalajara, Mexico. We talk about the differences between the industry in Mexico as opposed to Los Angeles, her experiences being featured in art galleries, and much more! 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gloriafelixart/

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