85 Straight Ahead w/ Da-Hee Im: Choosing The Game Industry Over Feature Animation Straight Ahead Animation Podcast

Our guest this week is Da-Hee Im, a Korean-American Cinematic Animator currently working at Bungie. Learn what gravitated Da-Hee towards working in the games industry over the animation industry. Learn about the ins and outs between Cinematic Animation for games and Gameplay animation. We also discuss how you should consider every opportunity that comes you way because you never know where it may lead you.      Portfolio: https://www.daheeim.com/ If you enjoy our podcast, please share it and rate us on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. We want to expand our platform and amplify these BIPOC voices! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/straight-ahead-podcast/message

21 Straight Ahead w/ Li Cree: Morphinominal Story Artist!

Summary Superstar Li Cree joins us today on Straight Ahead! Currently working as a Storyboard Revisionist for Titmouse on Vox Machina, Li has no shortage of stories her career has already given her. From her experience being in the Nickelodeon artist program, to even being Elmo for a day at…

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20 Straight Ahead w/ Ivy Rain Jordan: The Nuance of Being Human

Summary It’s our pleasure to have on the bubbly Ivy Rain Jordan: character designer, aquascaper, and human-watching gremlin. Her journey is as fluid as the waves she rides, from pursuing a story major to being a production assistant, to ultimately landing in character design. We ask about her experience being…

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19 Straight Ahead w/ Denise Chan: Retake Animator at Titmouse Inc.

Summary Join us as we talk to Denise Chan, a Chinese/Taiwanese American artist currently working as a 2D Retake Animator and Compositor for Titmouse Inc. She talks about how she landed her current position at Titmouse Inc. and how her previous experiences has helped her on their animation journey. We…

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18 Straight Ahead w/ Katherine Nguyen: From Production to Story

Summary Katherine Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American storyboard artist, currently working at DTVA on Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. She talks about the different gigs she’s had from feature to television boarding, and the benefits of not only starting in a story revisionist role, but the benefits of being flexible between…

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